A Different Accommodation Management System

YouBook Accommodation Management System

YouBook is my current personal project and the most ambitious personal project I've undertaken. It builds on previous experience in hospitality management and the challenges that less orthadox accommodation providers face in managing their bookings. The application is a work in progress.

The frontend of the application is built using the ReactJs library combined with TanStack's React Query and Material UI components. The backend is built in NodeJS, using Express, Prisma and Postgres.

YouBook Accommodation Management System

Walkthrough Video

My Pantry

A Shopping & Pantry Monitoring App Built In React Native and Django

MyPantry Pantry Management System

My Pantry is a shopping and pantry monitoring app built in React Native and Django. The app allows users to monitor their pantry stock levels and intelligently create shopping lists which account for the items already in the user's pantry.

Cruise Booking System

A .NET Maui & WinForms Booking System

This small booking system was built as part of my degree at Bangor University. It is built using .NET Maui and WinForms. It was my first exposure to .NET and C# and I enjoyed the experience. As a Javascript developer, this allowed me to explore true object oriented programming.

Cruise Booking Management System